Angela Valentine


A girl in Beaver's class that has an extra toe on each foot. She is probably the most talked about yet least-seen character on the show. Angela is first mentioned in "New Neighbors." Beaver says he likes Angela because of her extra toe which doesn't have a toenail on it, but you can see it's a toe. During a party at Angela's house, Beaver, at 7 years, got pushed into a pond. He had to wear a shirt home that said "Campfire Girls" on the front of it. Angela won a tool set at the Mayfield Theatre the week prior to Beaver's winning a bike. In "Blind Date Committee" she ate paste at school "to get attention." She use to show everyone her third toe but that had become passe. She been sick in the cloakroom and on the school bus. In the fourth grade, she not only suggested The Most Beautiful Baby Contest but she won it and a box of candy in "Beaver's Baby Picture" and this is the only episode (see above) where Angela can be seen.

In "Tire Trouble" Angela looses her bike plate and Judy Hensler finds it. In "Beaver's Ring" we learn that she has a gold filling. She wore a Jacqueline Kennedy wig to school one time. She was Gilbert's date for the 8th grade graduation. During the cake sale at school, she brought Baked Alaska. In "Beaver's Freckles" Beaver explains that Angela's parents had her extra toe cut off. In "Eddie's Double-Cross" Angela once called Beaver "a dirty, rotten, smelly, old ape." In "Farewell To Penny" Angela is the one who informs Whitey Whitney that Penny Woods is in fact not moving to Bellport. And in "Eddie Quits School" Beaver says that he once told the guys that he was going to kiss Angela.


She was mentioned in 15 Episodes

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