Aunt Martha Bronson

(Madge Kennedy)

Martha was June Cleaver's Aunt who lived in Bellport for a while and also in Riverside. She has two brothers, and when Beaver was in third grade she sent him a 14 carat gold ring that belonged to her brother, Theodore after whom Beaver was named. Wally & Beaver call her their "Umbrella Aunt" because that's what she gives them for gifts. She first appeared in "Beaver's Short Pants." In "The Visiting Aunt" she is on her way to Indian Caverns with her good friend Mrs. Hathaway. When Beaver was sick with the measles, she gave him a teddy bear named Billy. She gave each of the boys a $25 savings bond for their birthdays. In "Beaver's Birthday" she sends Beaver a check for $5. She wanted Beaver to go to the same school her brother attended and even offered to pay Beaver's way to go in "Beaver's Prep School." She also appeared briefly in "Train Time" when she invited the boys to stay with her in Riverside for four days. In "Beaver Becomes A Hero" Aunt Martha calls to congratulate him. Played by Madge Kennedy.