Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver

(Jerry Mathers)



Beaver Cleaver is in second grade and is seven years old when we first meet him in "Beaver Gets 'Spelled." He informs us in "Lonesome Beaver" that he is seven and three quarters. In "School Play" Beaver says that he played the Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood in a first grade play.

In "Captain Jack" Beaver and Wally buy an alligator from an ad in a comic book called "Robot Men Of Mars." They had to give it away but later they get a dog from Ward and June but it is never seen again. In "The State Versus Beaver", Beaver tells a policeman that his dog ran away. Beaver claims to have owned hamsters in "Beaver's Pigeons" but he says they "conked out." In "Beaver's Frogs" Beaver's favorite was Smiley. Two years before "Beaver's Tree", after the Cleavers moved to 211 Pine St., Ward gave Beaver a tree for his Birthday and it was left at their old house at 485 Maple Drive. Beaver goes back to the house and with Larry, digs it up. In the third grade Beaver gets a ring stuck on his finger that was given to him by his Uncle Theodore in "Beaver's Ring." He plays a Mushroom in the Grant Avenue Elementary School production of "Flowers and Feathers" in "School Play." When Beaver is eight years old he almost loses his teddy bear "Billy" in "Beaver's Old Friend." Once Beaver wore one of June's hats to Sunday School in "Wally's Haircomb." In "Beaver. The Athlete" he is only five kids away from the honor roll. In "School Sweater" Beaver says that Linda Dennison was the only girl he ever liked. In 5th grade Beaver decides he wants to be a writer in "Beaver's Secret Life." Beaver's poorest subject in school is math.