Fred Rutherford

(Richard Deacon)

Fred's first appearance was in "The Black Eye" where he claims to have two boys, both with scholarships. In "Lumpy Rutherford" we learn that Fred and his wife, Geraldine, (her name in the early episodes, later Gwendolyn) have been to Peru, Equador, and Alcapulco. Fred first refers to work as "The Salt Mines" in this same episode. In "Broken Window" we find that Fred takes Spanish lessons once a week.

When someone put pencil shavings in Fred's coffee at work Ward says he doesn't think Fred even noticed, in "Beaver's Library Book." In "Wally's Test" Lumpy mentions that Fed was bitten by a squirrel. When Fred and his wife went to London in "Wally, The Lifeguard" Fred sent Ward a postcard from there of Buckingham Palace. Fred wrote across the front "Man, what a crazy pad!" Played by Richard Deacon.