(The Fireman)

(Burt Mustin)


One of Beaver's oldest and most trusted friends, Gus was the fireman that worked at Auxiliary Fire Station #7. Beaver would visit him on occasion for some worldly bit of wisdom such as when Beaver was afraid to go on the Big Dipper Roller Coaster in "Beaver's Fear." Gus explained to Beaver how he overcame his fear as a rookie fireman when it was his turn to jump into a net from a high tower. Or in "Beaver And Henry" when Beaver touched Henry's bunnies after Henry the rabbit had babies and Beaver was afraid that the mother would stop feeding them. Gus told Beaver what to do to solve the problem.
Gus was quite handy at fixing things too as he demonstrated in "Beaver's Newspaper" by repairing Wally's old typewriter for Beaver. This enabled Beaver to start the Maple Drive News. Gus was the one who told Beaver in "Next Door Indians" that the garnets that the boys discovered in the vacant lot across the street were the kind that were used to make sandpaper---worthless.
Gus' father owned a feed and grain store where Gus worked before he became a fireman. When Beaver goes to see Gus in "Nobody Loves Me" Gus doesn't recognize Beaver at first and when Beaver asks if he needs any help polishing the Firetruck, Gus says he has all the polishing help he needs. Gus' Dalmatian dog was named Chief. Gus has a boat that he keeps at Miller's pond called a Cape Cod Dinghy. Gus says it will hold a man-and-a-half. Gus made his first appearance on the very first episode, "Beaver Gets 'Spelled" and his last appearance was in "Nobody Loves Me."
He was in 14 episodes altogether, played by well-known actor Burt Mustin.