Judy Hensler

(Jeri Weil)

Almost everyone had a Judy Hensler in their school at one time or another. Played by Jeri Weil, Judy was first seen in "The Black Eye." In "Beaver's Short Pants" it was Judy's pigtail that Beaver pulled. In "Beaver's Crush" it was Judy who, in second grade, dared Beaver to put a spring-snake-in-a-can in Miss Canfield's desk to prove that he wasn't sweet on her. Judy plays the piano in "Music Lesson" and we learn here that Judy is a bit older than Beaver. In "School Play" we actually get to see BOTH of Judy's parents. In this same episode we find that Judy takes tap and ballet. Judy's pretty good in baseball as she hits a home run in "Beaver The Athlete." She claims that her father lived in Africa and shot fifty elephants in "Most Interesting Character." In this same episode we find that Judy's father owns The Circle Garage. Her mother was the head buyer in the ready-to-wear dept. for a large department store in "Mother's Day Composition." Judy owns an Abysinian cat in "Pet Fair." Judy composed a poem for Miss Landers when she was out sick in "Beaver And Ivanhoe" that went:

Welcome back Miss Landers
We're glad to have you here.
While you were sick
At home in bed
We all shed many a tear.
We hoped you would get better
And we'd see you by and by,
And we're all so
Very very glad
That you did not die.

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