Kim Hamilton

(Kim Hamilton)

Kim appeared as the Langley's maid in "The Parking Attendants." Kim was the only credited Afro-American to ever appear in the series. Before that she was in at least three movies; "Odds Against Tomorrow" - 1959 in which she played Ruth Ingram. In "The Wizard of Bagdad' - 1960 she played Teegra. Also in 1960 she played Young Malla in The Leech Woman." She has since been in the 1966 Roger Corman film with Peter Fonda and Nancy Sinatra, "The Wild Angels" and was the receptionist in Walter Mathau's 1971 "Kotch." She played Mrs. Johnson in a movie with Jayne Kennedy called "Body and Soul" and appeared in an episode of St. Elsewhere in 1983. She was also in 1993's mini series, Trade Winds as Madame DeGaulle.