Larry Mondello

(Robert "Rusty" Stevens)

The fat kid (He weighs 109 lbs in "The Haunted House") with the apple in his face who bats his eyes all the time ("Larry Hides Out"). The kid whose dad is always in Cincinnati. Beaver's very best friend since kindergarten in "Friendship." Played by Robert "Rusty" Stevens.

In "Wally's Girl Trouble" we learn that Larry has a married brother and this is mentioned again in "Wally's Present" and in "Beaver's Newspaper" then in "Beaver's Sweater" Larry says his older brother has a new son. He claims in "Beaver and Henry" to have a little brother. His sister, whom we hear about continually but never see, is eight years Larry's senior. Larry says she's 18 in "June's Birthday." Larry claims that his sister is homely in "Blind Date Committee" and in "Eddie's Double-Cross" Larry says that she's taking a course in navigation. There is a picture of Kookie from 77 Sunset Strip on the mirror in her room. Larry once told the kids at his old school that his dad was Perry Como. Larry once won an award for perfect attendance at dancing school in "Beaver's Poem." In "Her Idol" Beaver hits Larry in the stomach for making him call Linda Dennison a "smelly old ape." In "The State Versus Beaver" Larry says he's 8 years old. Larry owns a white rat in "Beaver's House Guest" and he says that his grandmother lives near the hospital six miles away.

Larry tells us in "Beaver's Ring" that his grandfather is 92 years old. In "School Play" Larry says that he's had his appendix removed. And this is the ONLY time that Larry's father is ever seen. Larry is left-handed which, although apparent, is mentioned in "Beaver, The Athlete." He casually charges $3.25 for goodies at the drug store in "Found Money." In "Teacher Comes To Dinner" Larry charges Gilbert and Whitey 25 cents to watch Miss Landers eat with the Cleavers from the branch of a tree in "Teacher Comes To Dinner."