Clarence "Lumpy" Rutherford

(Frank Bank)

When Lumpy is first introduced in "Lumpy Rutherford", he is 15 (almost 16) years old. By the time Wally and Eddie are Sophomores, Lumpy, who should by now be a Junior, is right in there with them. In "Lost Watch" Lumpy is a junior and in "Wally's Pug Nose" Wally says that Lumpy's been a sophomore for two years.

At first his father, Fred, doesn't know that the other kids call him Lumpy but later, when Fred gets mad at him, he calls him Lumpy. Beaver has a chant that he yells at Lumpy from a safe distance. It goes: "Lumpy Dumpy, looks like an ape!" When Lumpy was 10 years old he got lost at the state fair and got his picture in the paper in a crib with five 6-year-olds crying for his daddy, in "Beaver Becomes A Hero." Fred thinks Lumpy is built like Burt Lancaster.

In "Tenting Tonight" we learn that Lumpy weighs 198 pounds. As an athlete Lumpy throws the discus, but when he spins around he gets dizzy and passes out. Lumpy plays the alto clarinet in the Mayfield High school band and later he plays the tuba. In "Wally's Election" Lumpy is repeating his sophomore year (go figure).
His score on the english test in "Teacher's Daughter" was "F"
In "Beaver's Poster" Lumpy got sick at school when he tried to eat 16 ice cream bars.
Being older than the rest of the guys has its advantages since Lumpy had his sickly purple '41 Ford convertible almost six months before any of the other guys. Lumpy is played by Frank Bank. 49 appearances in all.