Mary Ellen Rogers

(Pamela Beaird)
This is actually Myra Barker
(see below)

Mary Ellen was played by Pamela Beaird and Pamela first appeared as Mary Ellen Roger in "My Brother's Girl." She was later cast as Myra Barker in "Wally's Orchid" and then was recast to play Mary Ellen Rogers through out the rest of the series. In "My Brother's Girl" Mary Ellen is 13 years old and becomes Wally's most steady girlfriend. Her father's name is Harry and although we don't know Mrs. Rogers' first name, we do know that she drives a Jaguar. In "The Price Of Fame" we find that she has an older brother who is in college. In "Her Idol" we learn that in the past Wally had thrown rocks at her but is starting to walk her home from school and in "New Doctor" she asked about Wally when he was home from school with a sore throat. She's discussed by Wally and Eddie in "Wally's Present." And in "Wally's Election" she claims that Wally looks like Lloyd Bridges, according to Eddie. By "Beaver's Big Contest" Wally is taking Mary Ellen on a double date with Eddie and Belinda McGowan. In "Wally, The Lifeguard" Mary Ellen goes to Friend's Lake with Alma and Eddie. Mary Ellen is one of the "guys" that Wally invites to his party in "In The Soup." In "Beaver, The Bunny" Mary Ellen wins three record albums when a disc jockey calls her house. The last time we see Mary Ellen is in "Wally's Weekend Job" when she has a slumber party.