Leave It To Beaver


The Leave It To Beaver Movie came out in August of 1997.

Here is a cast list:

Ward Cleaver: Christopher MacDonald
(Chris was the golf pro in "Happy Gilmore"
with Adam Sandler and has appeared in
other shows such as Quiz Show and Terminal

June Cleaver: Janine Turner
(You no doubt have seen Janine in "Northern Exposure.")



Wally Cleaver: Erik VonDetten
(Erik has been seen on the soap "Days of Our Lives")



Beaver Cleaver: Cameron Finley
(Cameron was in "Perfect World"
with Kevin Costner)



Eddie Haskell: Adam Zolotin
(Adam was Jack's friend in "Jack"
with Robin Williams.)



Larry Mondello: E.J. De La Pena
(Mr. De La Pena has been in "Jingle All The Way" as Johnny
and in Disney's TV Movie "Freaky Friday" as the Bully Kid.)


Lumpy Rutherford: Justin Restivo
(Justin played Wayne in the
Nickelodeon series "Pete and Pete.")


That the filming ended on August 21st, 1996 and the film was released August '97. The film was directed by Andy Cadiff (pronounced Kay-Diff) who has directed 80 episodes of Home Improvement with Tim Allen. This is his film directorial debut. The movie is co-written and produced by Brian Levant. Brian was co-creator of The New Leave It To Beaver. He has since directed Problem Child 2, Beethoven 2, The Flinstones, and Jingle all the Way. As you can see there is apatern forming here. None of these shows did REAL well and this may very well be why this movie was such a dismal failure.

Thanks to Mark Bradley for the info on Brian Levant.

One last thing. Click here to see a guy that is in Leave It To Beaver as an extra.
He has been in MANY movies.