Parody Page

Since many of the subscribers to The 1st Leave It To Beaver WebSite MailList
have been making up their own little stories and interesting theories about the
cast members of the show, and even the origin and lyrics of the theme song, I
thought it would be appropriate to start a parody page to house these ideas.

If you have a particularly amusing idea, send it along and we'll see if it fits.

Some have hypothesized that Ken Osmond might somehow be
related to another famous Osmond. With that in mind we offer an
AVI file to
Download in ZIP format. (1 MEG)

I guess the picture below could be entitled "The Osmonds"

As for the lyrics to the theme song, here's's spin on them...

Yes, another name for the "Leave it to Beaver" theme song is
"Ward's Song"
some of the lyrics:

I'm coming home to mow the yard
the boys are back in school
That Beaver he sure is a card
and Wally he's no fool


And then says:

Yes !! Ken Osmond looks just like Marie- except for the teeth .
-And the lyrics are great!!!

(sung to the melody as the song opens.....)

My name is Beaver and I'm a kid
My brothers name is Wal-ly
They were going to send me to live with squid
But then came a gig on TV.....

I have the whole song somewhere --It was recorded by Aerosmith in the 80's but
the original is done by Patsy Cline. The original movie was done in the early
1950's with Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day as Ward and June. The Beaver was
played Mickey Rooney. Wally was sort of a hoodlum type, played by Jimmy Dodd
of The origianl Mouseketeers. They changed his character in the TV show.
The video is available at Blockbuster but you have to ask for the "Special "
movies as it is a bootleg.. The quality is a bit grainy but OK for being so rare. I lost my
copy in a flood.

So now it's up to you. Send your ideas to:

Marcus Tee