It's A Small World
(The pilot episode for "Wally and The Beaver")

Before the first episode of Leave It To Beaver was ever aired on October 4, 1957, there was a show produced called "Wally And The Beaver." It was a single episode that starred Barbara Billingsley, Casey Adams, Paul Sullivan and Jerry Mathers as The Beaver.

The story was about a small boy and his brother who want a new bike. A friend, Frankie Bennett (Harry Shearer), told Beaver that the Franklin Milk Company was having a contest that was very simple, collect one-thousand milk bottle caps (what we now know as "pogs") and take them in and get a brand new bike. The boys work hard and manage to actually come up with the caps. But when they get to the milk company Mr. Baxter (Richard Deacon) knows nothing of the contest. His secretary, Miss Simms (Diane Brewster), has no idea what it's all about either. Mr. Baxter calls his superior, Mr. Cochran (Joe Kerns), who has not heard of the contest either. So Cockran instructs Baxter to buy a bike for the boys for which he would be reimbursed.

The boys are very happy but, after assembling the bike, Mr. Baxter finds out that there really was no contest Wally and Beaver learn about this at about the same time from Frankie Bennett who was just givin' Beaver the business. Sure that the boys have scammed him, Baxter returns for the bike and, after getting it, leaves in a huff. When he gets back to work, Mr. Cockran calls to inform Baxter that the main office loves the idea of a contest and to hurry and get pictures of the winners. Meanwhile, back at the Cleaver home, Ward (Casey Addams) is explaining to the boys why they can't have the bike. So when Mr. Baxter arrives, the boys refuse to accept the bike back, as their father told them they could not have it. Again Baxter leaves in a huff.

In the final scenes the boys are reading and their father tells them to go upstairs and change their shirts for supper. When they finally do, they realize that Ward has bought them a beautiful new bike.