Tooey Brown

(Luke "Tiger" Fafara)

Tooey was the VERY nearsighted, bespectacled boy that was a close friend of Wally and Eddie. Tooey made his initial appearance in "Water, Anyone?" Tooey's dad had to talk to the coach to get Tooey on the Baseball team at school. We learn in "Lonesome Beaver" that Tooey has just turned 12 years old 36 days prior and is in the 8th grade. Tooey had been playing the tuba since 5th grade in "Music Lesson." In "The Price Of Fame" we discover that Tooey takes dancing lessons. In "Beaver Takes A Walk" Tooey bought a motor scooter for 75 cents that had no wheels or gearbox and the place where you sit was rusted through. He sold it to Wally for $2.00 so Wally could sell it for $4.00. In the episode "Wally's Election" Tooey is referred to as Ron which might cause one to wonder if that is indeed his 'real' name. (Luke Fafara is Stanley (Whitey Whitney) Fafara's brother.)