Uncle Billy

(Edgar Buchanan)

After playing his role as Captain Jack in the episode of the same name, Edgar Buchanan played Ward's Uncle Billy. Before ever seeing Uncle Billy we learn that he gave Beaver two silver dollars for Beaver's looking like his side of the family in "Beaver's Library Book." In "Teacher Comes To Dinner" Ward is wearing an apron while barbecuing that Uncle Billy gave him. It says 'Chief Cook and Bottle Washer' on it. In "Ward's Baseball" Uncle Billy once gave the Cleavers an elephant tusk. Billy sent Beaver a wiggle doll from Hawaii in "Beaver And Kenneth." Finally in "Uncle Billy" we get to meet Billy. Billy may give us a taste of what Ward Cleaver Sr. was like as Billy was his brother but for the fact that Ward himself explains that his father was a fine upstanding citizen. Billy gives each of the boys $10.00 and makes many empty promises to Beaver. He claimed to have been with Admiral Cranston in Alaska. We also learn that Billy has 4 brothers.