Hubert "Whitey" Whitney

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The little tow-headed kid that Ward once described as "always looking like he was scared of something." Whitey was played by Stanley Fafara and appeared in the very first episode, "Beaver Gets 'Spelled." Whitey plays the clarinet in "Music Lesson" and it's here where we first find that he has an older brother. We learn that Whitey has a sister who had a baby in "New Doctor." It was Whitey's uncle who took Charles Fredericks to the Father and son Picnic in "Ward's Problem."

In the "School Play" Whitey has the part of the Canary, the year before he was the Tiger and he and Larry Mondello both called Miss Wakefield "Miss Wakeland." In "Beaver's Pigeons" it was Whitey who helped Larry Mondello give Beaver's pigeons a funeral after a cat from across the street kills them. In "Beaver and Poncho" Beaver got Mrs. Bennett's dog, Poncho, from Larry Mondello who got Poncho from Whitey after Whitey found Poncho eating out of Whitey's garbage pail .

In "Most Interesting Character" Whitey claims to live in an apartment. When Beaver brags that his dad used to walk twenty miles a day, Whitey "calls him on it" so Beaver bets Whitey his baseball glove and uses Ward's old pedometer to prove it, in "Beaver Takes a Walk."

In "Pet Fair" Whitey has homing pigeons as pets. In "Beaver's Team" Whitey played center (#2) on Beaver's team, The Lightening Eleven. On the "Last Day of School" Whitey gave Miss Landers a punching ball. Miss Landers claims that Whitey is the smartest kid in her class in "Beaver's IQ." In "Miss Lander's Fiance' " we learn that Whitey's brother is married and since he has 2 kids that makes Whitey a two-time Uncle. Whitey issues eleven citations during Fire Prevention week in "Junior Fire Chief" and once Whitey got his head stuck in the school fence. In "Beaver, The Bunny" Whitey has the part of the Leopard in the school play. In "Don Juan Beaver", Whitey goes to the 8th grade graduation dance with Peggy MacIntosh. It's not until the second-to-the-last episode that we learn that Whitey's first name is Hubert and that he breaks into hives. In "In The Soup" we find that Whitey's Father's name is Frank.